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  • How do I enrol?
    Enrol via this link:
  • Where can I find the most up to date information about this course?
    For updates and key information, refer to this website and also the congentBI foundation website over at
  • Where can I find information about financial aid for educational equipment?
    This is a free school to support students from Disadvantaged background. We have numerous bursaries, including the Tech Girl starter pack. Please contact us directly for more details
  • What support is their for students with learning diabilities or special requirements?
    We have some adjustments that can be made. Pleaase contact us directly for more information
  • How prestigious/reputable is congentBI Academy?
    congentBI Academy is funded by congentBI, a UK registered Strategy, Analytic and Technology consultancy, specialising in Education analytics. All our courses are backed with Certification from Top Universities .
  • Who qualifies as 'disadvantaged'?
    For the purpose of this program: Economic Disadvantage -Poverty
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