Frequently asked questions

Where can I find the most up to date information about this course?

For updates and key information, refer to this website and also the congentBI foundation website over at

Where can I find information about financial aid for educational equipment?

This is a free school to support students from Disadvantaged background. We have numerous bursaries, including the Tech Girl starter pack. Please contact us directly for more details

What support is their for students with learning diabilities or special requirements?

We have some adjustments that can be made. Pleaase contact us directly for more information

How prestigious/reputable is congentBI Academy?

congentBI Academy is funded by congentBI, a UK registered Strategy, Analytic and Technology consultancy, specialising in Education analytics. All our courses are backed with Certification from Top Universities .

Who qualifies as 'disadvantaged'?

For the purpose of this program: Economic Disadvantage -Poverty

How do I enrol?

Enrol via this link:

congentBI Data Science Institute is a free to attend Institute fully funded by Grants from congentBI Foundation.   Visit for more information about congentBI Foundation.


congentBI Data Science Institute

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