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Rose Nelson

Patron and President

Rose is the Founder and CEO of Congent Business Intelligence.

Rose is an Entrepreneur Philanthropists

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Sarah Solanke

Head of Communications

Sarah is a Social justice ambassador who is passionate about bridging the attainment Gap for disadvantaged girls and women. She is also  the Editor of  "Gurlz in the Globe" other publications includes:  "the politics of belonging"

Victoria Showumi.jpg

Dr.Victoria Showunmi

Dean of Academics

Victoria is an Academic with interest in women, leadership, girls and identity. She is currently a Lecturer with the Institute of Education, University of London

Kseniia Ilchenco.png

Kseniia Ilchenco, Phd

Dean of Students

Kseniia is congentBI's Chief Data Scientist.

She is currently a Lecturer with National Technical University of Ukraine Kiev Polytechnic Institute , Specialising in  Mathematical Modeling of Economic Systems.

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